Learn About the Chinese Prayer Tradition

Learn About the Chinese Prayer Tradition
The Chinese prayer tradition has been handed down from ancient times and is still being
practiced today by millions of people. Through the ages the Chinese have used this tradition to
express their belief in gods 马来西亚蜡烛批发商 and other power and this has led to a rich history that includes
several great monasteries and temples. At present these buildings are visited for a variety of
reasons and it is even said that the modern structure of these buildings was influenced by the
rich history that Chinese religion had given to them. Here we will look at some details on this
Chinese tradition.

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The Chinese believe that all things in nature are made up of energy which is called” Jing” or
“Chi.” They believe that there is one God who is the creator of the heavens and the earth, the
sun and the moon, and many other things in between. In addition, they believe that all things in
this world have an aspect of an energy which can be reflected back to the creator as an image
and this is the reason why we see the same images again.
Because this God/Spirit is all around us, we should always show respect to it and try to make
ourselves do what they would do in the past and pray to it. This way we will receive the same
blessing, when we are praying to the god and it is also believed that if we are sincere in our
prayer we will get the same answer that they did in the past. For instance, if the monk went to
say his prayers he would go inside the temple and kneel before the statue of the Buddha. If he
offered the prayer to ask for the people’s good health and well-being then it would be done inside
the temple. Sometimes the monk would sit on a high chair and listen to the words of the Buddha
as he looked deep into the heart of the Buddha.

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Another thing that you must know about the Chinese prayer tradition is that it doesn’t involve a lot
of talking. People usually communicate only by gestures and facial expressions. It is believed
that humans will not be able to communicate with any god or spirit if they cannot express
themselves through the simplest means possible. This is one of the main reasons why this
tradition was started and it was done by only a few people. The idea is to create some sort of a
bond between the person praying and the person or spirit that is listening to him.
The next thing that I would like to tell you about this Chinese tradition is that you can easily
practice it if you have the time and you don’t need anyone’s permission. In fact, you can do this
without having anyone’s knowledge at all because you can perform it by your own. Basically the
whole purpose is to get the people to know and believe in the presence of god but in a very
humble way. That’s the main reason why people don’t really know that they are doing things
right while praying, they just do it because they are guided by their emotions and feelings. That’s
the main reason why you will need somebody or a group to help you.
It’s OK to do this by yourself if you have the time because it’s not going to take too much of your
time. I can say that this Chinese tradition has been live for over thousand of years already, so it
must be effective already. There are so many people who practice this Chinese custom
everyday, especially those who are new in China and those who came to the country a long
time ago. Nowadays, you can see a lot of Chinese people doing these Chinese prayer vigil in
front of the temple of their deceased parents or in front of their home. These people are just like
your average people, they have their own families as well as their own problems to deal with, so
they don’t think much about being able to sacrifice their lives for their family.…

Are Loans Between People A Good Alternative?

The loans between people there almost since we use money as currency exchange, never better. In terms of conditions and paperwork, it is much easier for a friend or relative to leave us the money than to ask the bank, although it also has its disadvantages, since as you surely know, asking for money from friends or family is very uncomfortable, but in Sometimes, it is the only option we have left. Either way, loans between individuals are another way to get money to pay off debts or financing for a project, but are they a good alternative?

What are loans between individuals?

Loans between individuals are considered when an individual leaves money voluntarily and without intermediaries to another with the promise that it will be returned later. That is, if a friend or relative leaves you money as a favor, this is considered a loan between people.

Private loans are usually made between acquaintances, so the only guarantee that is needed is trust , since no type of contract is usually made or the amount to be returned with interest is increased. It is simply an agreement between people who agree to do their part, one to leave the money and the other to return it.

As there are no intermediaries, the only downside is that there is no validity against the law that this loan has been produced. Therefore, if either of the two parties does not comply with its obligations, we will not be able to claim as if it would occur with any financial entity. Some type of legal contract can be made, but it is not the usual, since loans between people are based on mutual trust.

What types of loans between people exist?

In addition to the usual loan between friends or family, there are other types of loans between people that you can go to in case no one you know can leave you the money you need. There are some different formulas that can be a good alternative in some cases:

  • Private lenders: for a long time there have been people who have a business model based on leaving money to other people, whether they are known or unknown. In return, you will have to pay some interest, usually less than what a bank asks you for. In case you go to this type of loan, make sure to leave everything well tied before a notary so as not to have problems. We do not recommend that you use this method to borrow money.
  • Crowlending: the digital revolution has brought to the world such interesting concepts as Crowlending. They are platforms that connect people who need money with others who want to lend it. In other words, these platforms act as an intermediary to ensure that both parties will fulfill their part. Crowlending is regulated by law, so it is totally legal and safe. It is a branch of Crowfunding where one or more people can get a small benefit from their savings leaving it to other people who need it. Lenders, in addition to receiving your money each month, receive annual or monthly interest.

Things to keep in mind when we ask for a private loan

There are many things that you have to take into account before requesting a particular loan, among which the following stand out:

  • Type of particular loan: here we recommend that you ask for money from someone you trust as the first option. It is a bit of a bummer to ask friends or family for money, but your parents, siblings or even friends will be willing to help you if you need it. If that option is ruled out, we recommend crowlending, it is a good alternative.
  • Amount : ask only for the money you really need, even if there are no or low interest rates, do not go into more debt than necessary. Remember that you are asking for that money for a very specific reason and it may be urgent, so always keep it in mind.
  • Interest : in case you request your loan from a lender or by crowlending, make sure you get the lowest possible interest. Use logic, since interest is the price you have to pay for having money that you don’t have. Surely the urgency and the reason mark the interest you are willing to pay.
  • Deadlines: whether you ask an acquaintance for money or use another method, you should be clear about the return deadlines. In the first case, you can return everything at once if it is a small amount or agree to return your money in several payments. In the second, surely you have a long repayment term, the larger it is, the more interest you will pay.
  • Fees : the fee will depend directly on the return period. The longer it is, the lower the monthly fee and vice versa. Find the middle ground to get rid of debt as soon as possible and pay a fee that you can assume each month without problems. Do not get your fingers caught because then you may have problems paying monthly and therefore continue the same or worse than at the beginning.

Delays : If an acquaintance lends us money, we can amicably delay payments without too much consequence. However, in the other types of private loans you will have some type of surcharge if you pay later than it is due. Before requesting the loan, check that the conditions for delays are not abusive.

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